Director Identification Numbers

On 1 October 2018, draft legislation was released with the objective of introducing a director identification requirement. The legislation seeks amendments to the Corporations Act 2006 and the Corporation (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. The...

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Agistment Agreements – What You Need to Know

For those offering agistment services for horses, it is important to have a solid agistment agreement in place to cover issues relating to: Debt Recovery and Enforcement Protection against Claims: Hold Blameless Acknowledgement – Release & Indemnity Engaging Third...

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How Restraint of Trade Clauses can protect your business

What is a reasonable restraint of trade clause? An employment contract will often include a restraint of trade clause to protect the employer’s interests after the employee leaves their business. These clauses are most commonly found in the contracts of senior and...

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Safe Harbour Provisions and Insolvent Trading

By Isabel Coulton In the corporate world, a Director’s duty to prevent insolvent trading is a fundamental obligation which, due to the personal liability attaching to any breach of such obligation, has policy makers and Regulators wary of a culture of companies being...

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Changes to GST payments on residential developments

Residential Developments – Purchasers to pay GST to ATO after 1 July 2018 On 29 March 2018 amendments were made to the GST legislation requiring purchasers of new residential premises and potential residential land to withhold 1/11th of the purchase price as GST. The...

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Employment redundancies overview

There are a number of pitfalls for employers when it comes to redundancy. Each case must be handled sensitively so as to avoid a claim for unfair dismissal. And it certainly can’t be used as a means of dismissing an employee for reasons relating to performance or...

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A new corporate governance paradigm

“A range of different conceptions of corporate governance have existed over time, however, since the global financial crisis, we need a new paradigm of governance to cope with rapidly evolving financial markets”.   Discuss. If you agree with this statement, what...

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The Effect of Marriage on your Will

  It may be the last thing you are thinking about in the lead up to your wedding, however it is important to realise that under NSW legislation, unless your Will is made in contemplation of marriage, it is revoked when you marry. After marriage, the only gifts that...

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