Effective Crisis Management

The occurrence of a serious injury or death in the workplace is a complex and serious situation for businesses, which can have detrimental impacts for various stakeholders if it is not properly managed. For this reason, it is vital that all businesses have a crisis...

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Gross and Willful Misconduct

A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) demonstrates that gross and willful misconduct may override the need to comply with formal dismissal procedures. The case surrounded a 20-year-old employee of Ace Bottle Printers Pty Ltd who was summarily dismissed...

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Flexible Working Arrangements

A flexible working arrangement allows employees to work under varied conditions, which better suit them. This may encompass altered working hours, patterns of work or locations. The Fair Work Act sets out who is eligible to request a flexible working arrangement, once...

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Dismissing an Employee Over the Phone

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) expressed their disapproval of employers dismissing employees over the phone in the case of Ms Anita Cachia v Scobel Pty Ltf ATF the S & I Trust t/a Emerse Skin & Laser (2018). The FWC deemed the employer’s dismissal of the...

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Director Identification Numbers

On 1 October 2018, draft legislation was released with the objective of introducing a director identification requirement. The legislation seeks amendments to the Corporations Act 2006 and the Corporation (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. The...

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Agistment Agreements – What You Need to Know

For those offering agistment services for horses, it is important to have a solid agistment agreement in place to cover issues relating to: Debt Recovery and Enforcement Protection against Claims: Hold Blameless Acknowledgement – Release & Indemnity Engaging Third...

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How Restraint of Trade Clauses can protect your business

What is a reasonable restraint of trade clause? An employment contract will often include a restraint of trade clause to protect the employer’s interests after the employee leaves their business. These clauses are most commonly found in the contracts of senior and...

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