Steven Irwin and Daniel Morgan with Contention Book

Book Cover "Contention"He’s a man of many talents, owning a successful equine building business as well as being a sculptor, Stephen Irwin can now add published author to his status, with the release of his debut novel, ‘Contention’.

Stephen has been in the thoroughbred racing industry from day one. He left school at the age of 14 to pursue his love of horses. By the time he was 30 Stephen had become one of the most successful pin-hookers in Australia – buying and selling young horses within a 10-month period to sell for a profit. At the age of 42 he hung up the bridle, and to date has built a very successful business in designing and building horse farms, and developing innovative and safe equine products.

Stephen has held nothing back in Contention. He exposes the real-life injustices of the thoroughbred racing world and gives the reader a taste of the exhilaration of becoming number one.

The team at Morgan + English is proud to have advised Stephen with his new venture – our aim is to help your business achieve long-term success. Partner Daniel Morgan even got a mention in the credits!

A Word with the Author Contention author Stephen J Irwin

How long have you known Partner Daniel Morgan and how did you meet?

I can’t recall when I met Daniel, but I’ve known his dad since I was 16. His father, John Morgan taught me a lot and always had the time to show and explain things, plus he had a great sense of humour.

Why did you come to Morgan + English to get help with Contention?

I came to Daniel to get advice and to get him to read the book as I had based the book on our industry and used Scone and some local people as the basis for characters.

I sent Daniel the first edit draft, he was hopping on a plane and then all of a sudden after he landed he was sending all these text messages about how he loved the book.

He was gobsmacked that I had created this story as he had done my legal work on and off for many years and, like me, he had no idea I had a story in me.

We sat and talked about the book and I took on board the changes needed from a legal side. Plus, at this stage only my wife, Shannon, and editor had read the book. The encouragement Daniel gave really helped me believe I had a chance and that the story line was good.

 How long did Contention take to write?

The book started the night I got engaged actually. Strange but true: I woke at 2am, we were staying in the Crown Plaza in Newcastle and I just had to write this story. I don’t know why or how the idea happened, it just did. The story took 14 months to write and then another year to get published.

 Will you be writing another book?

Yes, I have already started on the second book called ‘Redemption’ which is a follow on to ‘Contention’ as I simply couldn’t let the characters not continue on. The hardest part of the writing was stopping on the final chapter as for 14 months they were my fantasy life.

 How did you come up with the name of the book?

I wanted a strong name about two rivals and with limited education I simply googled another meaning of rivals.

Tell us about the front cover?

The book cover is a sculpture I made and won first prize in the Mudgee Sculpture of the Gardens in 2016. It’s actually me in the circle, the sculpture is called ‘Taking the Plunge’

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Congratulations Stephen – Morgan + English is proud of our friend and client!

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