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Australian grass-fed beef producers will be given further incentive to reduce their greenhouse emissions as Arcadian Organic Meat pledges to accumulate ACCUs on their behalf. After becoming carbon neutral in 2019, Arcadian’s scheme is designed to ensure they further reduce their carbon footprint by assisting conventional producers, along with 80 of its organic suppliers to achieve a similar goal. The scheme endeavors to encourage beef producers to be more efficient in achieving their production goals whilst being more cost effective and environmentally friendly, with Arcadian accumulating ACCUs on their behalf in return. Arcadian’s aggregation of ACCUs is measured on the reduced number of days an animal spends producing methane, which producers can achieve by diverting their resources to get cattle to reach their turn-off weights at faster rates and reduce the amount of unproductive cattle in their herds. Arcadian’s marketing director Paul da Silva described these aims as overall reducing greenhouse gas production, whereby if they encourage other beef producers to “reduce the life of the animal, or have some activity to reduce those emissions, [they’re] going to make a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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