Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) have recently released a 10-year plan for Australian Woolgrowers, titled ‘Wool 2030 – Australian Wool: the world’s premium sustainable fibre.’ The report is a product of extensive collaboration across the industry. Over 800 woolgrowers contributed to the development of the report, which was overseen by AWI’s Wool Consultation Group and the Wool Industry Consultative Panel. The report is intended to provide a strong vision for the industry to achieve a target of 2.5% growth in value by 2030. The overall strategy is underpinned by pillars such as caring for animals and the environment, global marketing, communication with customers, transforming production systems and fostering a prosperous community. As evidenced in the title of the report, there is a strong focus on sustainability, in response to consumer expectations worldwide. The goals set out in the report include improving communication and understanding along the wool pipeline, increased information being available to consumers, improved animal welfare and use of technology and innovation to increase efficiency in the industry. Stakeholders have acknowledged that the report represents a high-level plan, which will require commitment and support in its implementation. Read the full report here.

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