The State government have stated their commitment to supporting the agricultural sector in the long road to recovery from droughts, floods, and bushfires with the announcement of the 2020-21 budget. There is a focus on biosecurity, as improved conditions for farming have been met with increased weed and pest activity. NSW Agricultural Minister Adam Marshall said approximately $36 million this year and $60 million over the next two years will be invested in biosecurity. Other relevant provisions for the agriculture industry include $50 million being invested in research and development initiatives, aimed at supporting primary producers to maintain globally competitiveness. The NSW government is also committing $700 million to creating sustainable, secure, and healthy water services. This comprises investment in infrastructure projects, water rebates for low-income households and drought relief. In addition, $100 million is going towards a Regional Job Creation Fund to encourage industry growth. A summary of the NSW budget specifically in relation to regional NSW can be accessed here.

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