two cows

An innovative new product to reduce livestock methane levels will soon be on the market. The product, known as Bovaer, is a powder feed additive that works by suppressing the enzyme responsible for methane production. It has been developed by Science-based company DSM over the past ten years and tested on many farms around the world, including in Australia. Trials have shown that a quarter teaspoon of the powder administered to each cow daily can reduce methane production from cattle by 30 percent. Bovaer takes effect immediately and is safely digested by the animals. The product is available for cattle, sheep, and goats and a pellet form for daily feeding is being developed, as well as other forms and applications. The development is timely given growing public concern surrounding the climate and specifically methane emissions and corresponding consumer demands for sustainable products. If registered and commercialised, Bovaer usage could result in a significant reduction of the carbon footprint generated by the livestock industry without adversely impacting milk or meat production.

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