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The digital age has brought many benefits for business, allowing you to reach wider audiences and promote your brand more effectively. However, your increased presence also brings with it a greater vulnerability to theft and fraud, particularly in relation to your intellectual property.  

Intellectual property (‘IP’) is what your reputation attaches to; it is your branding, your trade marks, even how you do business. Your IP creates a recognisable brand that distinguishes you in the marketplace and lets customers know they can trust in the quality of your brand. Correctly managing these assets will help maximise the non-physical value of your business, which is referred to as goodwill.  

If your IP is not registered to the maximum extent, your protection against someone else using your IP is significantly diminished, making it harder to successfully bring enforcement measures against them. This can lead to degradation of your goodwill. Protecting and monetising your goodwill can enhance the overall valuation of your business beyond your tangible assets, which is particularly important when it comes to the potential sale of your business.   

Our experienced IP + Tech team offer a full range of services designed to protect your IP and digital presence, including: 

  • Performing our ‘IP Audit’, which is a wholesale review of the IP rights attached to your brand(s) and the steps needed to protect these assets. 
  • Registering trade marks, designs, and patents. 
  • Protecting your IP assets against third-party infringement. 

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